Stefanie Sun's celebratory concert tour to include Singapore

Stefanie Sun’s celebratory concert tour to include Singapore

Singer left for Taiwan 20 years ago to boost her career in showbiz

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Singaporean pop star Stefanie Sun will be going on a concert tour to celebrate her two decades as a singer.

It has been planned from June and will include a stop in Singapore.

It will be called Super Soltice. In Chinese, it means “Just Before Sunset”, which refers to the first line of her new single Eternal Love.

Information about the tour has yet to be released.

The 41-year-old Sun’s last tour, Kepler, was from 2014 to 2015. One show was held at Singapore’s National Stadium on July 5, 2014.

In line with the 20th anniversary, Sun has written on social media about her journey in the entertainment industry.

Her singing career began with the debut of her first album, Yan Zi (2000). As the music industry at that time was focused in Taiwan, she decided to head there. She said: “Who knew that the sentence ‘No 22-year-old girl sings like her’ could start a 20-year-long journey?”

Sun said that, after she moved to Taiwan, she had to go through a demanding work schedule. In five years, she released one album per year. Some years, she released two albums per year. The work was “like a mountain”.

Every media outlet wanted exclusive news. She was often on TV and radio.

Sun wanted more freedom but found meaning and focus in life with the support of her family.

Later, there was work in China and Sun kept going on. But when it got harder, she created some space for herself.
The Singaporean songstress married Dutch-Indonesian businessman Nadim van der Ros in 2011. They have a son, who is seven, and a one-year-old daughter.
Sun said she worked hard at being a mother, even when the new responsibility caught her off-guard.

Stefanie Sun is celebrating 20 years in the entertainment industry. Picture: Instagram

She said that now she was working towards the 20th anniversary and that she told herself that the emotions, love, darkness, fullness and emptiness of all these years were worth putting in order.

Early this month, Sun and Taiwanese rock band Mayday released a new version of their 2000 hit, Tenderness.


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