SyndicatedHindustan Times'Rishi Sunak not British' says 'racist' caller on UK show. Host responds

‘Rishi Sunak not British’ says ‘racist’ caller on UK show. Host responds

A caller at one of UK’s most popular radio stations said that Indian-origin Rishi Sunak- who announced his bid for the position of the country’s prime minister- is not even British owing to the colour of his skin.

The caller on the LBC radio show who identified himself as Jerry, a member of the Tory party said that Rishi Sunak “doesn’t love England” and “isn’t even British in most people’s opinion.”

Claiming to be a supporter of former prime minister Boris Johnson- who has not announced that he will run for the premier position again- Jerry said, “Rishi Sunak isn’t even British in most people’s opinion… He doesn’t love England like Boris does.”

In response, the show’s host Sangita Myska said that Rishi Sunak was born in the UK and had attended prestigious educational institutions in the country, while Johnson was born in New York.

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When asked what Rishi Sunak could do to prove his love for Britain, Jerry’s response was “Nothing”.

“Could you mention me becoming the Prime Minister of Pakistan or Saudi Arabia? No. Eighty five per cent of England are white English people and they want a Prime Minister who reflects that. I can’t just go to India and be the Prime Minister there can I?” Jerry added.

Replying back sharply, Sangita Myska shut down the caller saying, “I think you are fundamentally a racist, and it’s absolutely fascinating that you and other Tory Party members think like this.”

Yesterday Johnson pulled out of the contest to become Britain’s next leader on Sunday, saying he had the support of enough lawmakers to progress to the next stage but well behind front runner Sunak.

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