South East Asia’s largest and most innovative parenting social commerce platform bags yet another achievement of reaching 1.5 billion parents in Singapore and Indonesia. This innovative platform is now spreading out into the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam to continue helping more parents shop and live better in the South East Asian region.

SuperMom’s marketplace offers a diverse variety of goods for parents.
SuperMom’s marketplace offers a diverse variety of goods for parents.

What Makes SuperMom Unique?

If you’re a parent or have been around one, you’d know the struggle of searching for the best buys for your children. Whether it’s their clothes, electronics, or accessories etc. You want to know where you can get what and if the price is reasonable or not. Here are 3 main pillars of the brand that make it unique in its category


SuperMom is an AI-powered platform that curates more than 30 million products with 20 million authentic user reviews. SuperMom is home to a community of 2 million parents. With this huge database, this platform is a dream come true for brands that want to reach these customers.


This one is an app with an emphasis on User Generated Content. It’s run by Key Opinion Moms (KOM)s. They are product testers and reviewers and provide critical analysis of products for the users. This helps the users make sound purchasing decisions.

Again, access to these KOMs is a gold mine for brands that want to engage their target audience favourably in this market.  The platform has a powerful insights feature that collects data through polls and surveys. This data consolidation and AI is what matches a brand’s messages to its target customers


The Community app connects countless parents to each other on different chat groups and WhatsApp. This app facilitates recommendations to specific target groups by using reviews and other social listening tools. The platform is always ripe with information on all the latest trends in the market and this is information that empowers the brand’s partners for effective and targeted advertising.

The community forum offers support to new and veteran moms both through curated advice and reviews
The community forum offers support to new and veteran moms both through curated advice and reviews

“It takes a village to raise a child and SuperMom’s mission is to use technology to extend collective knowledge and wisdom to build a digital village that will be able to support and benefit millions of mothers and children, empowering them with information, knowledge, and community support, so that new mothers need not feel lost”– Joan Ong, the founder of SuperMom.

Garnering Healthy Interests from Investors

SuperMom is a rapidly growing phenomenon and it has just started its round of funding. Its large and authentic database is what attracts popular interests including key players like Koh Boon Hwee, Chairman of Altara Ventures Pte Ltd.

Platforms like SuperMom harness the power of technology, community, and globalization to empower parents and make parenting a much more enriching experience which will benefit families and our future for generations to come. So I decided to see if I could help” – Koh Boon Hwee

SuperMom is one business to watch out for as it is garnering global popularity and expanding to other locations. Their database and community are an absolute powerhouse for brands that want to reach specific audiences and parents that need to know exactly what to invest in. You can see all that SuperMom has to offer here.

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