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Surgeon pushed ex-wife off a cliff and updated her Facebook for months to fool others that she’s still alive




A medical surgeon killed his wife then kept her page updated for the next seven months in a ploy to fool her relatives and that she was still alive, according to the  in Gorakhpur, .

The victim, Rakhi Srivastava, had been married to Dr Dharmendra Pratap Singh. The pair split up and Rakhi remarried. Months after her second , Rakhi went .

The considered Rakhi’s second husband as the initial suspect but released him after they found Rakhi’s phone a few months ago, in October. A source told the press that, “This made Dr Singh a suspect.”

Last Friday, the police detained Dr Singh and two alleged associates, Pramod Kumar Singh and Deshdeepak Nishad. was reported that Rakhi was killed after she was pushed off a cliff after being sedated.

The police source added: “However, even after killing Rakhi, they kept updating her account through her mobile phone.”

Police investigations are ongoing.



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