Wednesday, June 29, 2022
LifestyleTravelSurviving the middle seat when it comes to air travel

Surviving the middle seat when it comes to air travel

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Woe betide anyone who gets the middle seat on the plane. It feels almost like your whole journey is now a lost cause comfort wise. The window seat offers a bird’s eye view while the aisle seat makes visits to the toilet easy but it’s hard to find the silver lining when it comes to the middle seat.

In fact people dislike the middle seat so much that 50% of Americans say that they would likely take an aisle seat being offered on the next available flight, while one in five people say they would actually stay overnight at an airport hotel for an aisle seat on the first flight the next morning.

One good thing about the middle seat is that it has armrests on either side so if you get stuck in the middle seat this is one option.

The person in the middle seat has priority when it comes to positioning the armrest on both sides. If the person in the middle seat prefers to stake out the space closest to the seat back, he gets it, and other folks in more comfortable seats get the slightly less comfortable part of the armrest.

Distract yourself by bringing your own entertainment. If the middle seat makes you feel cramped or awkward download your favourite shows on your trusted gadget and while away the time comfortably.

Bring your favourite travel blanket or pillow or even a footrest that allows you to extend and elevate your legs. Noise canceling headphones are also a good bet.

Other fun options include ordering a fancy beverage. Pretend you’re a millionaire who is flying first class, put your headphones on and order a glass of champagne or your favourite cocktail and get lost in music or your favourite film.

Sanitizing the tray table and putting your head down to catch some 40 winks is also a neat option that allows you to zone out like you did in a classroom when the teachers were out as a kid especially for early morning classes.

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