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Swedish man goes from gardener to Japanese star after becoming famous for exercising silently on TV




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A Swedish gardener shot to fame after he moved to and starred in a popular programme, silently doing various routines like push-ups.

Tatsumasa Murasame got a new lease of after he gave up his Swedish to become an official Japanese citizen and joined the “Bodybuilding for Everyone” (Minna no Kinniku Taisou) tv show that premiered on Japanese channel NHK on 27 Aug.

Running between 11.50pm and 11.55pm every night, the programme teaches viewers how to stay in shape without using equipment.

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Each night, an instructor begins by telling viewers which muscle area a group of three performers – including Murasame – are going to be targeting and how to perform the workouts.

Murasame and fellow bodybuilders Japanese actor Shinji Takeda and lawyer Kota Kobayashi proceed to perform the exercises silently, with saxophone in the background.

Interestingly, the show is a smash hit with the audience. told Japanese news network, SoraNews24:

“I’m totally in love with the buff instructors of Everyone’s Bodybuilding.”
’s surreal seeing Shinji Takeda just exercising with some lawyer and gardener. Laughed so much I think my abs got a good .”
“The gardener has the best form.”
“No one says a single word, but the gardener has a serious on-screen presence.”
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