System hasn't failed, Modi government has: Sonia Gandhi on Covid-19 crisis

System hasn’t failed, Modi government has: Sonia Gandhi on Covid-19 crisis

Sonia Gandhi on India's Covid-19 crisis: "System hasn't failed, Modi government has"

India — Amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic situation of the country, Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Friday said the system has not failed as India has many strengths and resources. The Modi government has failed to constructively channelise those resources, Sonia Gandhi said at the virtual Congress Parliamentary Party meeting. On the results of the recently concluded elections in four states and one Union territory, the party president said the Congress Working Committee will soo analyse the election outcome.

Referring to the letters written to PM Narendra Modi by Manmohan Singh, Rahul Gandhi, the party president said all these helpful initiative have fallen on deaf ears as the government has made no meaningful response and continues to behave as if it alone has the answers.

It is not a “government versus us” battle but a battle between “Us versus corona”, Sonia said adding that the Congress demands the meetings of the standing committees. “The situation brooks no delay. Tackling this crisis requires able, calm and visionary leadership. The nation is sinking under the weight of the Modi government’s indifference and incompetence. This is a time for us to steel ourselves and rededicate ourselves in the service of our people,” Sonia Gandhi said.

Lambasting the goverment for its “flawed” vaccine policy, Sonia said that despite allocating Rs.35,000 crore in Budget 2021 for “free vaccines for all”, the Modi government put the state governments under immense pressure of procuring the vaccines in the third phase. “The Modi government’s inequitable vaccination policy will exclude millions of Dalits, Adivasis, Other Backwards Classes, as well as the poor and the marginalized.It is utterly shocking to see the Modi government abdicate its moral obligation and its sworn duty towards the people,” she said.

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