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Taiwanese singer Cyndi Wang back in the limelight

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Television show, Sisters Who Make Waves released its first episode of its third season on Mango TV in China on May 23. During the show Taiwanese singer and actress Cyndi Wang won the hearts of Chinese netizens with a performance that was undoubtedly in a league of its own.

Wang was a contestant on the show which features 30 female celebrities over the age of 30. Wang chose the song Love You, a 2004 hit which proved to still be very popular with the audience.

The performance garnered more than 430 million views on Weibo with fans gushing about how it brought back memories of their youth.

“This [performance] is such a throwback for everyone. A lot of memories are flooding back,” wrote one fan.

Another echoed, “Such a big throwback. When I was in secondary school, I bought Wang’s stickers and stuck them all over my desk.”

Wang is well known for her upbeat pop music which is so sugary that she has been nicknamed Sugar Bishop. 

The episode has sparked a renewed interest in Wang’s TV shows from more than a decade ago.

“When I was in primary school, I really loved watching Smiling Pasta. Now I am in my 20s. Time has gone by so fast, but Wang still looks the same,” reads one comment.

Wang’s songs were also recently played on Chinese music streaming platform QQ Music where nine out of 10 songs were hers.

“Being able to remind you of your treasured memories is such a beautiful thing,” said the star on Weibo. “Through music, I hope to create more good memories with you.”

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Wang shot to stardom sometime in 2000 and remained popular until 2010 or thereabouts with her greatest hits being Love You and Curved Eyelashes.

Nostalgia for her music remains as evidenced by the tons of views she has been receiving lately.


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