Actor Taylor Lautner, once rumoured to be the subject of Taylor Swift’s song “Back to December,” maintains a positive view of his past relationship with the singer. Lautner has glowing remarks for Swift and is also appreciative of the support of her fans. He appreciates being regarded as Swift’s “best ex” by fans, considering it a compliment.

The two met while filming “Valentine’s Day” in 2010, briefly dated, and have since moved on. Lautner, celebrating one year of marriage with his wife (also named Taylor), jokes about being the only ex without a song dissing him and sees Swift as a friend. Lautner’s wife is also a ‘diehard Swiftie’ according to him.

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Lautner praised Swift

Recently appearing in Swift’s “I Can See You” music video alongside Joey King and Presley Cash, Lautner praised Swift’s character on stage during her concert, emphasizing her kindness and talent. Swift responded by sharing a playful photo of herself and Lautner, spoofing the Spider-Man pointing meme.

His wife echoed Lautner’s sentiments, praising Swift’s talent and kindness, and appreciating her warm welcome into Swift’s circle. Lautner was also spotted in the audience at Swift’s LA show, handing out “Uncle Tay” friendship bracelets to fans.

Unparalleled level of devotion

Reflecting on speaking at Swift’s Kansas City concert, Lautner admitted the experience of facing 75,000 enthusiastic Swifties was surreal and unique compared to his interactions with passionate “Twilight” fans. He acknowledged the unparalleled level of devotion among Swift’s fanbase.

Meanwhile, Swift is on tour in South America and reportedly had a great time in Argentina. Rumors suggest she and Travis Kelce, a Kansas City Chiefs tight end, enjoyed their time together during the tour and plan to spend more time during Swift’s break in December and January. They share similar values and closeness to their families, indicating a strong connection between them.

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