LawTeacher of the Year is also a cradle snatcher

Teacher of the Year is also a cradle snatcher

Tracy Vanderhulst, a 38-year-old math teacher at Yucaipa High School, was arrested in California for allegedly sleeping and having carnal relations with a 16-year-old boy. Authorities believe there may be other victims who have not come out in the open yet.

Vanderhulst is held on $30,000 bail, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release. It was not immediately clear if the minor was a student at the high school.

In a deleted tweet, a statement from the school say that Vanderhulst “offers up a rigorous mathematics curriculum and deep caring for her students,” CBS Los Angeles reported.

Teacher of the Year

Vanderhulst was honored as “Teacher of the Year” in 2017. According to a citation quoted by the News Mirror, Vanderhulst  “epitomizes the educator so many desire to be — she is the kind and innovative teacher from whom we hope our children will grow; the educator who strives to engage all of her students from her intervention classes to her honors classes.”

Taken from a Facebook post, it was learned that Vanderhulst joined the staff at Yucaipa High School in 2013.

Are there more victims?

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While conducting an ongoing investigation into the incident, detectives have released Vanderhulst’s booking photo as part of their efforts to ascertain whether there are any additional victims.

The sheriff’s office stated that investigators and the Yucaipa Calimesa Joint Unified School District collaborated effectively to guarantee a comprehensive inquiry into this issue.

What have they become?

In March this year, Jacqueline Ma, 34, a teacher at Lincoln Acres Elementary in National City — just south of San Diego — where she taught fifth and sixth grades, was arrested and booked into county jail for an “inappropriate relationship” with a 13-year-old former student.

She also garnered a Teacher of the Year award prior to her arrest.

In April, Jacob de la Paz, 33, a teacher at a Louisiana school, was arrested and charged by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security with the federal crime of enticing a minor to produce child pornography or child sexual assault material.

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