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Americans are obviously tired with Biden’s rule of America after bringing in large quantities of illegals into the country. This is also coupled with the failure of Bidenomics towards the American people. A video surfaced on X with Trump claiming that Ted Kennedy was allegedly telling him that Joe Biden was the “dumbest” senator. 

Brietbart states, Donald Trump reveals Joe Biden was deemed ‘dumbest’ by Ted Kennedy and Senate peers, criticizing Biden’s vicious circle and lack of intelligence. He accuses Biden’s radical left entourage of potential self-destruction, while underlining Kennedy’s testimony on Biden’s incapacity for complex policy comprehension. 

Trump, pointing out Biden’s public ‘nice’ image, echoes Kennedy’s assertion of Biden’s lack of understanding on intricate issues. Trump further condemns leftist influence on Biden, steering the country and utilizing law enforcement as weapons. 

Ted Kennedy: Biden is the “dumbest” senator 

Many conservatives are upset at hearing this as they feel the media is controlling the entire electoral game. Furthermore, X users feel that the voters should be knowledgeable and informative about their respective candidates to make an appropriate decision. 


A video clip on X shows Trump making the claim that Ted Kennedy informed him of Biden’s intelligence. However, liberals are vehemently unhappy with the statement and proceed to post people accusing Trump of being “unintelligent.”


Conservatives on the other hand agree with what Ted Kennedy allegedly said. They state that after almost 4 years of having Biden as their President, he has done a colossal amount of errors and mistakes that are costing America a pretty penny. 

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