Tuesday, September 27, 2022
Teejay Sidhu on struggles post-pregnancy: 'I have days where I just cry'

Teejay Sidhu on struggles post-pregnancy: ‘I have days where I just cry’

Teejay Sidhu's post-pregnancy struggles include intense emotions

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India – TV actor Teejay Sidhu has written an elaborate post on the “raw” emotions of a new mother. She and her husband Karanvir Bohra welcomed their third child, Gia Vanessa Snow, in December. The actor also posted pictures of her newborn daughter resting on her, along with the note.

Teejay could be seen smiling in one of the pictures, while she looked tense in another. She shared the images and wrote in an Instagram post on Friday, “I have days where I just cry. Maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones. Apparently it takes some time to get back to normal – my body healed so fast, but my emotions are still raw. I was fine a few minutes before I taking this picture, but then I started thinking…One day this child will be seventeen. She’ll go off to college somewhere, maybe far away. Or she may go off to travel the world. She will make life decisions on her own. She will be excited and say, ‘Mom, I’m grown up now!'”

She further elaborated on what makes her sad and wrote, “And I will feel sad. A grown up will be standing in front of me, but all I will see is my baby Vanessa, who I used to hold like this. I will remember how small and sweet and helpless she was, how she depended on me for everything, how she’d smile and my heart would melt.”

“I suppose I should just enjoy this phase, and not overthink. But sometimes, I’m just an emotional Mom. I can’t help all that I feel, all that I go through. And I wonder if it’s just me, or does this happen to everyone? Do others also feel like they’re losing their children even before they’ve grown? #motherhoodunplugged #randomthoughts #mydaughter #myworld,” she concluded.

Karanvir and Teejay are also parents to four-year-old twins Bella and Vienna.

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