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Tesla car crashed on autopilot




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One of ’s car crashed while operating on Autopilot, confirmed, sparking fears the semi- are not that safe.

The vehicle was in a fatal crash last week in and logs show the driver took no action to stop the car despite several warnings from the vehicle.

is a mere six seconds that caused the , the report said. For the six seconds, the driver did not have his hands on the steering wheel.

Tesla Inc. tells drivers they must keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel in order to take control of the vehicle and avoid accidents.

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The Tesla Autopilot system can keep speed, change lanes and self-park.

The accident ripped off the car hood while its front wheels were scattered on the freeway.

The vehicle also caught , though Tesla said no one was in the vehicle when that happened, said AP.

The company said the crash was made worse by a or damaged safety shield on the end of the freeway barrier that is supposed to reduce the impact into the concrete lane divider.

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