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The late Leslie Cheung is remembered by partner on Instagram

Daffy Tong posted Leslie's photos on his Instagram @dhttong today in conjunction with what would have been Cheung's 62nd birthday




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Hong Kong singer-actor died sixteen years ago but his partner Daffy Tong still holds on to his memory.

According to Sin Chew Daily, Tong posted Leslie’s photos on his @dhttong today in conjunction with what would have been Cheung’s 62nd birthday.

Eight photos were uploaded onto the Instagram account.

Sin Chew Daily reported that the photos were posted at about midnight where Tong wished Cheung a happy birthday and happy Mid Autumn Festival.

Fans saw the post were touched by Tong’’s gesture and wished him well.
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Cheung, affectionately known as Gor Gor (Cantonese for older brother), had leapt to his death from the 24th floor of a hotel in Hong Kong on April 1, 2003.

He was 46 years old.

In 2003, 46-year-old Cheung fell to his death from Mandarin Oriental Hotel, leaving a note saying that he was suffering from depression.

The singer-actor debuted in 1977 and became popular throughout the 80s.

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He won multiple awards for acting and singing, gaining fans across Asia and around the .

Recently, outlets reported about a doppelganger looked like the late Canto-pop star.

The lookalike is a bus driver and many netizens speculated that Cheung faked his death to leave the pressures of being a superstar while some said the doppelganger is a reincarnation of Cheung.

The bus driver’s features, facial expressions and physique remind them of the late singer-actor.

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Photos of the bus driver were uploaded online two years ago but have recently reappeared on media.

“I’ve seen Gor Gor (Cantonese for Big Brother),” another netizen said.

Chinese media has reported that the bus driver is contented with his honest living. -/TISG


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