Entertainment Celebrity The late Sulli completed one short film for Netflix's Persona 2

The late Sulli completed one short film for Netflix’s Persona 2

Sulli was in the midst of filming two Persona 2 short-films before her unexpected passing

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Before her passing, the late singer/actress Sulli completed filming for production company Mystic Story of Netflix’s short-film series ‘Persona 2’.

Mystic Story stated:

“It’s true that Sulli completed filming one short-film for ‘Persona 2’. We have yet to come to a decision regarding if this short-film will be released, or if ‘Persona 2’ will continue production. We will notify you as soon as we reach an internal decision.”

The Persona series is inspired by and centred around one actor/actress and it is unique format where five different film directors create five unique pieces. Back in 2018, singer/actress IU was starring in the first of the series premiere.

For the Persona 2 role, the late singer/actress Sulli was cast earlier as the central star. She passed away on 14 Oct after completing one short-film out of five.

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Photo: Screengrab from Instagram

Sulli was in the midst of filming two Persona 2 short-films before her unexpected passing, according to Mystic Story’s update on 23 Oct. The decision regarding the production’s publication is yet to be made by the production company.

According to reports, Sulli committed suicide by hanging and her body was found by her manager in her residence.

It is believed that the reason she took her own life was because of cyber bullying.

Formerly a member of K-pop girl group f(x), Sulli spent most of her life in the limelight.

Born on 29 March 1994 as Choi Jin-ri, Sulli was also a South Korean actress, singer and model.

She started out as a child actress debuting as a supporting cast member on the SBS historical drama Ballad of Seodong.

After that she played a number of guest roles in TV shows such as Love Needs a Miracle, Vacation, and Drama City.

Sulli also acted in Punch Lady and BA:BO, with Punch Lady her first time acting in a substantial dramatic role.

In 2009, she signed on to SM Entertainment where the f(x) girl group was formed.


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