Asia Malaysia The moment a father gave a resounding slap to a van driver...

The moment a father gave a resounding slap to a van driver for allege sexual assault of his daughter

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This is as surprising as a man giving a tight slap to a van driver who had allegedly sexually assaulted his daughter, which resounded loudly in the surrounding.

Last week, the man confronted the daughter’s alleged sexual harasser – her school van driver — in Seremban, Malaysia’s state of Negeri Sembilan.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, March 30th, he explained what his 11-year-old daughter told him, along with two videos of the altercation, which have been shared over 40,000 times on the platform.


Last week, his daughter asked his wife if she might have someone else transport her to school since she thought the driver was “strange.”

The couple discovered that the driver had been attempting to sexually groom their daughter after sitting down with her and asking what was wrong.

“On the first day, he asked her name, then he told her she was cute, beautiful, and pinched her cheeks,” a caption on the social media post read.

The driver allegedly grabbed the girl’s hands while massaging and caressing them the next day.

He patted her thighs and even lowered his head near to them after that, telling the girl, ‘Don’t worry. It’s okay.’

He requested my daughter’s WhatsApp number and then handed her a keychain with his number on it, telling her she could add him later.”

And that was enough for the dad to decide that the driver was grooming his daughter and was already attempting sexual assault on her.

That led him to find the school van driver and give the tight slap that resounded loudly in the neighbourhood.

“The fate of the child is much more important. When we worry about dignity being tarnished, we, in fact, give power to sexual predators to keep offending,” the dad wrote in a post to warn parents to take sexual harassment claims seriously when it comes to children.

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