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The moment when Jung Il Woo met Lee Min Ho

Jung Il Woo said that when he met Lee Min Ho, he thought that Lee Min Ho was 'sparkling'.




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and ’s friendship is undoubtedly a K- that is enviable. Their precedes their stardom and popularity. Fans of The King: Eternal Monarch star and Moon Embracing The Sun have known each other since they were in high school. Although the pair did not go to the same school, they got acquainted through mutual .

According to Soompi, Jung Il Woo appeared on My Ugly Duckling last year and said that he had heard about Lee Min Ho long before they both crossed paths. Jung Il Woo said that he remembered hearing about the actor’s fame due to his good looks. “When we were in high school, he was at the school next to me and he was really famous among the students. He was well-known for his good looks, so I heard about him before I ever met him,” said Jung Il Woo.

Lee Min Ho and Jung Il Woo have a good . Picture:

Jung Il Woo said that when he met Lee Min Ho, he thought that Lee Min Ho was ‘sparkling.’ He added that even though they did not attend the same school, they became through mutual . They both met as teenagers and over time they both matured. “When we were younger, I would think from time to time, ‘Why does he think like that?’ and ‘Why doesn’t he agree with me?’ Now that we’re past out 30s, we’ve learned to respect each other. I think we’ve become closer because of our difference,” said Jung Il Woo.

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He added that the two actors are completely opposite when comes to their personalities. The only thing that binds the two together is their taste in . “Eventually, we came to respect each other’s differences. We would put up with things we didn’t like if the other person liked and vice versa.”

Jung Il Woo added that apart from food, their teetotalism was a common factor between the two. “When we meet up, we have coffee and go to cafes. Nowadays, I do drink a couple of glasses.” Lee Min Ho and Jung Il Woo also went through bad times together. They were involved in a car crash back in 2006. A car crossed the centreline during their road trip, crashing into their vehicle which resulted in a fatal crash, Koreabook reported. Both actors were hospitalised for months.

Fortunately, they have recovered from the crash. The friends made headlines this year when Jung Il Woo sent a sweet gift to Lee Min Ho on the set of The King: Eternal Monarch. The drama marked Lee Min Ho’s return to acting after his military training. Jung Il Woo sent Lee Min Ho a coffee truck with a banner that read, “Min Ho, you’ve done great.” /TISG

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