The reason why Rihanna and Travis Scott stopped seeing each other

According to sources, the couple broke up because they were too different and shared different perspectives on life

Songstress Rihanna’s romantic life has always been of interest to not just fans but others too. The singer however remains mum about her love life and never talks about it. Most of the time, it is about her career and nothing more. One of the people who is said to have dated Rihanna before this is Travis Scott.

In 2015, it is speculated that the two were dating and they hit it off. However, after a while, there has been no news about the two.

During New York Fashion Week in 2015, the paparazzi caught the two hanging out with each other several times.

Travis Scott used to date Rihanna. Picture: Instagram

According to E! News,Travis and Rihanna were officially seeing each other and are in a serious relationship.

Another source said that Travis was Rihanna’s type and they share similar interests. Friends of Rihanna’s said that Travis was a keeper but eventually it turned out differently.

The reason why Rihanna and Travis Scott did not work out in the end was because they were too different, according to sources.

According to Urban Islandz magazine, Travis wanted to be with her all the time and wanted her to travel with him for his show. It was too much for Rihanna even though the attention was flattering.

Sources shared with HollywoodLife that Travis did not like Rihanna’s wild party lifestyle.

He allegedly said that being with Rihanna was like sitting in the front seat of the car and holding on the handles for dear life.

He told Complex that he had no hard feelings and always had a soft spot for Rihanna, complimenting her as creative, inspiring and his muse.

He joined Rihanna’s ANTI tour during 2016, with no more rumours circulating about the duo.

Travis Scott later dated Kylie Jenner after Rihanna. He dated her on April 2017, he had a daughter with her in February 2018 and ended it on 2019. Travis Scott is currently single but there are talks that he might reconcile with Jenner.

As for Rihanna she then dated billionaire entrepreneur Hassan Jameel. They were first rumoured to be dating each other in 2017. The couple have since broken up. Rumours are saying that Rihanna is now seeing fellow rapper ASAP Rocky.