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‘The Simpsons’ Goes Full Anti-Trump

The show has the uncanny habit of telling what could be the future and was right there will be a catastrophic Trump presidency




In the realm of the comic, ‘The ’ sort of predicted the election of Donald as the President of .

Now, the cartoon series has ganged-up with the anti-Trump bandwagon. has listed 50 reasons why Trump should be defeated.

The FOX animated series The Simpsons has apparently predicted the future for a whopping 30 times! Well some say the show only predicted the future 17 times.

It is still a massive success! Predicting the Trump presidency was one of them. Perhaps the creators of the cartoon series are regretting this.

Had they predicted Hilary Clinton as the U.S. President instead, would Trump has lost in 2016? We will never know.

But this time in the show’s 31st Treehouse of Horror Halloween special, it shows 50 reasons why voters should dump Trump.

The show special is scheduled to air on election day. It begins with Marge calling to remind him to vote. arrives at the polling station just in time to cast his ballot.  But is undecided over to vote for.

His indecision earns him the wrath of his Lisa is unhappy that he even considered voting for Trump.

She reminds him of “everything that happened over the past four years.”

Dealing with in the U.S., The Simpsons predicted the failure of the voting machine.

This was a 2008 episode and it came true, somehow, in 2012. Now, one can say someone is playing around with the episodes to twist reality but tell that to Trump, who is now way behind contender Joe in the polls.

In the 2008 presidential election, Homer tries to vote for Barack Obama only to have a voting machine record his selection as John McCain several times.

Simpsons Trump elections
A canvas of a series of scenes where Trump appears with Homer in The Simpsons


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