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There are shy Trump voters but Biden has a big lead

The voters are pro-Trump but will not say so during polling are numerous say some analysts




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A year ago, President Donald was not trailing with a big margin against his opponents. But now, less than a month before the , has a massive lead over Trump. However, some observers are saying is hard to predict the polls.

And if there is any indication of the potential results in November, Trump is not winning these .

However, there are observers believe the polls showing Biden leading by 17 points over Trump is not trustworthy.

It’s hard to predict the elections results, but one thing for sure is that after 2016, it’s harder to trust the polls.

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That is the opinion of pro-Trump analysts and observers.

Among them is New York Post columnist Salena Zito. She explains on the Glenn Beck radio program, there are four groups of voters that pollsters seem either to forget or to omit from their reports.

She says among them are Americans who may be afraid to admit they .

They are shy voters, shy President Trump supporters, but they will Trump.

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They are Americans who haven’t regularly been in .

According to her, some will be voting this time around, and the chances they for Trump will be huge.

There also those who didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 but plan to now, and cultural changes that hint some may be fed up with far-left policies.


Nevertheless, Trump is back in force though the numbers are dwindling in the polls.

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He was, on Monday night, in Florida where he gathered a massive crowd and chastised Biden for being a Fidel Castro supporter.

Mr. Trump made fun of questions about whether he would agree to a peaceful transfer of if he loses.

Many supporters in the crowd did not wear , he did not wear a mask as usual.

With three weeks left in the race, Mr Trump is running behind Mr Biden. Yet, he is running the campaign at a frenetic pace, hoping it would suddenly turn in his favour!

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