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This is how Muhyiddin may survive no-confidence vote

Muhyiddin is pressed on all sides to cede to demands both from Umno and Mahathir but he still can whisk away from a no-confidence vote if he agrees with Umno's terms




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There are signs a no-confidence vote is inevitable after a senior MP urged the Speaker of the House to allow his motion to be tabled for debate.

The Speaker, Azhar Azizan Harun, refused to allow the motion to overtake other ‘ ’ in Parliament.

However, he says if a Minister were to request for such a motion to be debated, he will allow .

Meanwhile, Umno is deciding on its in the government headed by Muhyiddin. Umno says it is the biggest party in the coalition in but it does not have a say in the government.

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This is now left to has the biggest bargaining which will altogether decide on Anwar Ibrahim’s bid to become PM.

Another MP, from the Pejuang Party, the party of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has now urged the Speaker to allow the to be debated.

The only interest the Pejuang and its MP former Education Minister Maszlee Malick has is to topple Muhyiddin as PM. It is not to get Anwar the post.

With Umno and Pejuang basically joining forces to get rid of Muhyiddin, there is a fair chance the PM will fail when faced with a no-confidence vote.

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Muhyiddin has the support of 114 MPs in the 222 MP Parliament and with Umno pulling support (if they really do), he will be badly defeated.

Yet he can still survive this ordeal and remain PM for a longer term, if he accedes to the demands from Umno.

Umno MPs are not going to work with Mahathir’s party for the simple reason the ex-PM is responsible for their downfall in 2018. This is a very difficult pill for them to swallow.

If Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, the author of the new against Muhyiddin is expecting support from Pejuang, he risks losing Umno’s support.

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This gives Muhyiddin an a slim chance to keep talking to Umno leaders and accede to some of their demands in a compromise deal.

We know the Umno is pressing Muhyiddin on a certain number of issues. First is the court cases faced by Umno leader Zahid Hamidi and Najib Razak amongst others.

The Umno is also frustrated that the Bersatu, a junior partner in the coalition in power, is taking all the big posts, leaving Umno with peanuts.

The defaulters from the Keadilan, Anwar’s party, are also well treated by Muhyiddin definitely needs their support to remain in power.

But appointing the chief of the ‘betrayers’ as his right hand man in Cabinet is not going down well among Umno grassroot. So says the various reports on and pro-Umno blogs.

Muhyiddin could make an arrangement with Azmin Ali who is a Bersatu man now after he left Keadilan. Azmin could take a lesser role and step a level down to allow an Umno man to take over as the ‘right’ hand man of Muhyiddin.

This will make the Umno glow with pride and success because their man will be the number two in the government.

Muhyiddin said he will not interfere in the court cases involving the Umno leaders. it is possible that he will maintain this stance. But this will not be the reason why the Umno will pull out from the Perikatan Nasional government.

The Umno is seeking more decision making powers, higher roles in government and a fairer share of posts at state level.

A stronger Umno will also be able to force the smaller allies the Islamists from the PAS to kowtow to their decisions at national level.

They will also be able to negotiate with the PAS at state levels for roles in state governments held by the Islamists. So far the PAS has resisted the ‘weaker’ Umno which is demanding roles and posts in Terengganu and Kelantan.

However, the question is whether Muhyiddin will cede to the Umno or will resist and face a motion of no-confidence that could end his career as PM.

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