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AsiaMalaysiaThis is why calamari squid rings are not made of pig anus

This is why calamari squid rings are not made of pig anus

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If you do it right and follow the correct channels, social media can be a terrific source of knowledge.

But if you’re a sceptic who can’t tell the difference between what’s true and what’s not, you may easily fall for a con or awful disinformation that could jeopardise your beliefs.

We must admit that the breakout of COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdowns did not help the dissemination of bogus news.

In one case, customers were astonished to learn that calamari squid rings marketed in some regions of Malaysia were really made of pig anus! And it is a blatant fake news indeed!

This became viral, and given that the pig is considered ‘haram’ or ‘illicit’ for Muslim consumption, it’s not surprising that such a story would go viral.

A screenshot of a WhatsApp message sent to a person’s mother was uploaded by Twitter user @qeels88.

In the post, she inquires,Ā “What type of stupid information are you people passing along to my mother?”

In the post, there is the image of a bag of frozen calamari squid rings with a halal emblem.

“Wanted to offer some knowledge, this is actually pigs anus, it looks like squid but the rings are large and white,” the message says.

“If that’s a real squid, it’ll have spots on it.” I’m afraid you’ll end up buying it. Per kilogramme, it costs RM7.90 in Perlis and RM11 in KL.”

“They placed it in a plastic bag so I won’t buy it,” the post stated. “They’re even that smart that they put the halal emblem on it.”

How to know its fake news?

Posted on March 3, the tweet got 6 247 retweets, 2 959 citations and more than 9,000 likes.

We can say welcome to squid rings on social media or to Twitter, but people sharing fake news is so common that it is getting toxic.
For the person who posted the Tweet denouncing the fake news, it is a great job done. But such fake news will continue unabated.
Well, lucky for Malaysians the authorities has setup a counter information unit. If reached, the unit will do its due diligence and will quickly reply to users with the right information.
Here, the unit says the story is fake news and the product in the packaging is certified as squid, and that it is not pig anus.

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