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This kitten has been named Potter for the perfect reason. He’s magical

Go guess how they've named the cat Potter




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, Oct. 16 — Are you a fan of Harry Potter? If you are, you’ll love this share about a kitten has been named Potter. Even if you’re not, just the face of this little fur will win your heart.

In a post shared some 14 hours ago, a user posted a picture of this kitten they just brought home. In the post they shared how they’ve named him Potter. The reason? A rather prominent lightning bolt mark just over his eyes.

In case you’re not familiar with the Harry Potter, the famous boy lived, had a lightning bolt mark on his forehead.

“Got a kitten recently, named him Potter because of the lightning bolt mark above his ,” says the caption of the post shared with little Potter’s picture.

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The share has of course delighted people. Since being posted, has collected over 2,700 upvotes and several comments.

“He even has ’s eyes,” commented an individual. “‘You’re a Potter’. ‘A what?’ A Harry Potter theme starts but ’s meows,” wrote another. We’d like someone to get on this idea and give the movie we deserve.

“The cat chooses the owner, Harry,” shared a Reddit user. “Yer a meow-zard, Hairy Paw-ter!” posted another.

Yes, there are several such cat puns on this post including, “Purrcrux”, “Expecto Purrtronum”, and even “Avada Katdavra”.

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So what do you think about Potter?

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