Entertainment Celebrity This Twitter thread featuring jokes by first standard students is a laugh...

This Twitter thread featuring jokes by first standard students is a laugh riot

Exchange of jokes on Twitter thread catches public eye

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India– There are several posts on the Internet that showcase the hilarious conversations one can have with kids. Now George Pointon, a teacher from London, has added to those wonderful posts with a hilarious thread featuring some jokes told by his students from the first standard. The thread may leave you laughing and gushing at the same time.

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“I asked my Year 1 classes to tell me a joke; Here is my analysis,” reads the first tweet. The thread then goes on to mention some jokes by the kids. What makes the thread a wholesome read is how Pointon rates the jokes by the kids in a positive and quirky way.

We won’t give away much so do check out the thread and each joke told by the kids.

Shared on March 16, the post has garnered over 1.3 lakh likes and several comments. People couldn’t stop laughing at the adorable jokes. While some resonated with the kid named Emma’s answer, others found the rating yardstick of Pointon on point.

What are your thoughts on this wholesome thread?

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