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InternationalThis is why astronauts are not allowed to masturbate in space

This is why astronauts are not allowed to masturbate in space

Your pelvis, upper legs, vagina, and perineum may all experience these symptoms in space

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Some people are amused with their intense arousal in and out of the bedroom, not knowing that it may not be what they think it is, that is they are super at sex!

In some cultures, they cut the tip of the clitoris in a bid to prevent ‘horniness’. But in Western cultures, horny may mean good sexual health.

But more recently, the syndrome called restless genital syndrome was thought to be an illness that affected only women.

The syndrome describes intense and ongoing genital and clitoral arousal that occurs in the absence of conscious sexual desire.

But a few years ago, the first instance of a guy with the condition was made public, says a portal.

RGS is an uncommon syndrome when a person experiences genital sensitivity and sensations even in the absence of sexual desires.

Even though sudden, intense arousal in the bedroom or outside may appear amusing to some, others with restless genital syndrome may find it to be everything but.

The question guys may ask is whether the early morning rise is part of the syndrome? We never know unless it gets tested by experts who can tell the difference between this and that.

The symptoms of RGS include unwelcome and unwarranted discomfort in the vaginal region, according to Dr Camila Aquino, an assistant professor of neurology.

Your pelvis, upper legs, vagina, and perineum may all experience these symptoms.

Although they can occur at any moment, they are frequently made worse by sitting or lying down at night.

The symptoms are described as discomfort, numbness, vibration, restlessness, or a burning sensation.

The effects of chronic genital arousal disorder were further examined in a study that was published in the National Library of Medicine involving 10 participants and they were all women.

In the participants, symptoms first appeared between the ages of 11 and 70 and two patterns stood out:  80% reported daily out-of-context sexual arousal episodes that usually included orgasm and 40% reported lesser, often longer-lasting, non orgasmic arousals.

As absurd as it may sound, even the tiniest bit of fluid, according to specialists, cannot be let loose inside a spacecraft.

It might lead to serious issues for both the spaceship and its occupants.

This was revealed during a podcast interview called “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend,” which was presented by Conan O’Brien.

However, astronauts are cautioned to exercise caution when they dream of falling in love in space, much as you could imagine having wonderful fun and unbelievable sex in the water (which many claim may not happen).

If the astronauts are from Russia and Ukraine, for example, accidentally becoming pregnant while in space might have a huge worldwide impact!

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