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TikTok to keep ticking in US for now




A judge late Sunday stopped the US from banning downloads of TikTok, freeing the video snippet-sharing mobile to keep winning new users here — for now.

District Judge Carl Nichols issued a temporary injunction at the request of TikTok, which the has called a national security threat, alleging that its Chinese parent firm is tied to .

An order from US President Donald sought to new downloads of the app at the end of Sunday, but allowed until November 12 for a second phase aimed at stopping TikTok from operating in the US entirely.

The judge denied TikTok’s request to also suspend the November 12 , but noted that his decision was “for now.”

What about TikTok lovers?
TikTok lovers in the US will wake Monday to as usual, at least in regard to their enjoyment of the platform.

That was going to be the case anyway, since the ban that had been poised to take effect Sunday only applied to new downloads and updates.

However, getting access to updates means longtime TikTok users will be able to get security patches to keep them better protected while using the app.

also means US users will be able to get any new features TikTok releases.

Where from here?
The judge’s order tells TikTok and the US to work out a schedule to proceed, and that typically means the wants opposing parties to find middle ground.

“My sense is that it is a pragmatic splitting of the for the short term, to give a little time for them to resolve the disputes and come to a resolution.” said of Richmond professor Carl Tobias.

Once lawyers get a chance to review the reasoning behind the judge’s decision, the US could appeal the decision putting a hold on the download ban.

Legal analysts interviewed by AFP thought it unlikely the US would appeal, since lawyers typically don’t want to make an enemy of a judge early in a case by attacking their judgment.

Meanwhile, TikTok’s overarching suit challenging the legality of ’s executive orders continues through the court.

TikTok’s tomorrow?
Outside of the courtroom, TikTok can continue trying to work out a sale or alliance to appease US concerns.

A tentative deal would make Silicon Valley giant Oracle the partner for TikTok and a stakeholder in a new entity to be known as TikTok Global.

Such a deal is expected to be dimly viewed by Beijing, where some consider the US move an unjustified appropriation of Chinese technology.


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