A TikToker claimed that when she protested along with the others for the just cause, they ended up raiding her house. The 2020 Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests over the death of George Floyd shook the entire world. Many expressed their support for justice of Black Americans and to stop the mistreatment from the police officers. 

The harrowing details of George Floyd’s death still shake many to the core. He repeatedly stated that he could not breathe while being restrained by police officers, according to transcripts of police body cam footage. All of this for an alleged counterfeit $20 bill. 

TikToker claiming BLM protesters raided her home


A Twitter page with conservative views, Clown World, shared a screenshot of the TikTok video. The post received negative reactions from netizens, with some claiming that the TikToker deserved to be robbed. 

Others pointed out that in 2020, protests to defund the police resulted in theft and robbery incidents. Ironically, those who were affected by these crimes turned to the police for assistance in the end.

Conservatives claim that those who support BLM hate White people. The netizen then adds that they are racist. The main cause of the whole movement is to seek equality and justice. It is not a cause of anti racial rhetoric. However, some who support the cause might appear to be as such according to some. 

Siri not acknowledging All Lives Matter

A Twitter page directed to the discrimination of ethnic Europeans posted a TikTok showing that Siri does not recognise “All Lives Matter.” The video shows a woman asking Siri a racial question and the software did not respond, it did respond to Black Lives Matter.

A Twitter user claims that the video is fake. However others flooded the comment with replies saying that it is true. Another netizen asked Siri if the same racial question as the woman in the video and the software responded that it is a racist rhetoric. 

Regardless, the movement is not set out to undermine people of other races. In 2022, a report done by NBC shows that more Black people are harmed by the police than any other races. Currently, Black people account for 27% of those fatally shot by the authorities while being only 13% of the population. 

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