Tim Bradley has taken a harsh stance against Jarrell Miller in the wake of his most recent knockout defeat.

On the undercard of the ‘Day of Reckoning’ event in Saudi Arabia, Miller made a resurgence against Daniel Dubois, who was looking to bounce back from a previous loss to Oleksandr Usyk. Bradley’s comments highlight Miller’s performance and decisions in the ring and heighten the criticism surrounding his comeback.

Miller, the controversial heavyweight, looked to get his revenge and maybe face Anthony Joshua in a much-anticipated pay-per-view fight. He experienced a devastating loss as the younger, more inexperienced Dubois controlled the ring, despite his brief early success.

Bradley on Miller

In a dramatic change of events, Miller’s hopes were dashed as Dubois secured a convincing knockout victory with seconds remaining in the tenth and final round.

Many were pleased with the decisive loss, which was made much more so by the commentary team’s candid mockery of Miller.

Bradley has recently joined the chorus of people who are critical of the heavyweight contender. The increasing scrutiny over Miller’s performance is heightened by this most recent criticism.

The hall of former said’ “[Miller] never put [Dubois] in a position to [lose]. Never took him down memory lane, Miller is fat and lazy! He’s 300 and something pounds, lazy, likes to use drugs and cut corners. There was no way he was going to beat Dubois!” an article from mentioned.

Jarrell Miller is determined to make a comeback to the boxing ring despite suffering a devastating knockout loss and hearing harsh remarks from the ringside crew that alluded to his retirement.


‘Big Baby’ has shown a resolute determination to defy expectations and re-establish his presence in the sport, despite the rumors that surround him.

Even after losing to Daniel Dubois via knockout, Jarrell Miller is unwavering in his determination to continue boxing.

Miller promised to return in better shape when questioned about his plans for a comeback after the fight. Tim Bradley seemed to agree with Miller’s resolve and express this feeling as well. Miller remains committed to his goal of making a comeback with better form, even in the face of scrutiny.

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