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Tips to deal with corporate or work stress and get your dream sleep

With the fast paced lives we all lead today, stress keeps lingering and affects almost all our routine activities and though a proper sleep schedule doesn’t just rely on an eight hour sleep, it is equally dependent on the sleep quality too hence, health experts insist that dealing with temporary stress induced insomnia becomes imperative and improves the quality of living. In an era of cut-throat competition and to meet the challenges of daily operations of the corporate entities, all team leaders are under tremendous work pressure and that makes them workaholics.

However, some fitness experts feel that all advancements at society and economy levels come with some kind of stress and that is desirable also. This stress leads to a higher stage of advancement hence, we should not take workaholics as someone who put work before almost everything else.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Srishti Sharma, a PeakMind Expert, shared, “Work does not create stress. Not knowing when to stop does. Constantly bugging your mind with official tasks before and after working hours steals your quality time with closed ones and muddles work-life balance. Know that your work is a part of your life, not your life. Let your mind be in the moment. Make sure you take small breaks throughout your workday to prevent feeling overwhelmed. Remember, a fulfilled mind is a happy place for endless possibilities!”

According to Sakshi Dixit, HR Manager at Innovist, stress could be a motivator for pushing one to perform better or a pressure implicating complex emotional swings. She said, “It completely depends on an individual and for corporate – on office culture. Keep a healthy culture and support each other through thick and thin. When you move from “peer” to “family” and actually take out time to “genuinely” know each other, there is a positive co-dependent bond created that nurtures a healthy culture and helps ease down negative corporate stress.”

Echoing the same, Uttam Malani, Executive Director of Centuary Mattress, highlighted, “It is normal to get stressed over work. Being stressed all the time will definitely deteriorate our health. Sleep plays a crucial role in maintaining health in a person’s life and reducing stress. A good sleep helps you boost your mood and sharpens your memory. A comfortable mattress ensures good deep sleep, which to a large extent can reduce stress.”

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Listing corrective measures to combat work stress and have a good night’s sleep every time, Vibhuti Arora, Face Yoga expert and Co-Founder of House of Beauty, recommended:

1. Olfactory activation – Different olfactory neurons get stimulated when our nostrils inhale different scents. Inhalation of relaxing scents is highly beneficial in stress relief and aims at managing the anxiety levels.

2. Yoga Nidra – Ayurveda is the answer to almost all of the modern problems we have today. By practising Face Yoga Nidra, a state of meditative consciousness called Samadhi can be achieved which further results in better overall wellness. It starts with relaxing the mind and muscles of the scalp followed by forehead muscles, eyebrows, temples, eyes, nose, ears, cheeks, lips, tongue, jaw, neck and shoulder – in that order, highly beneficial to leave recurring thoughts behind.

3. Skin Tech – Spending just 5 minutes recharging your human battery helps in relaxation. It detoxifies your soul proves to be the best bedtime routine and highly improves the quality of your sleep.

Kavinder Khurana, Social Entrepreneur at MD-Tesla Power USA, asserted, “The Covid-19 crisis has taught us that life will never be the same in the new normal. I strongly recommend that all workaholics should pay attention to their health and fitness as stress does take its toll if neglected. We should take a pledge not to compromise on our health and family time for professional or business excellence. Let us maintain a good balance between our home and work life.”

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