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Here’s how many cars and bikes were sold in Malaysia during this pandemic year… April’s number is a shocker!

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec. 11 -- The number of cars and motorcycles sold in Malaysia during the first 10 months of this year '- which covered the movement control order (MCO) '- saw an overall drastic drop of almost 20 per cent and 13 per...

A car-free Singapore?

Kuala Lampur, Dec. 6 -- The invention of the automobile is creditedto Karl Benz. In 1886, his motor wagon featured gears,a carburettor, radiator and spark plugs. Over 130 years later, vehicles that are the direct descendants of Benz's wagon still dominate roads and human transport. There...

EPF withdrawals a real lifesaver

Kuala Lampur, Nov. 17 -- For most of us out there, RM2 million would set us up for life. We could purchase a house, two cars, feed and educate our families without a single care. However, sadly, for some corrupt politicians out there, RM2 million is...

Miley Cyrus ‘encounters’ a UFO

Former Disney star Miley Cyrus is pretty sure she got ‘chased down’ by a UFO but had also ‘bought weed wax from a guy in a van in front of a taco shop’ so she is not certain. The 27-year-old actress-singer claimed that she had...

Why Beijing may want to keep Trump in the White House

by Patrick BAERT Donald Trump has frustrated and enraged China during a tumultuous first term, but Beijing may welcome his re-election as it scans the horizon for the decline of its superpower rival. Relations are as icy as at any time since formal ties were established...

Damage from Trump’s trade wars won’t heal quickly: analysts

by Eve SZEFTEL After four years in office, Donald Trump has failed to achieve his promise to eliminate the US trade deficit, and dealt a lasting blow to the multilateral economic system that global trade is based upon, analysts say. But even if Democrat Joe Biden...

Billionaire Peter Lim’s daughter Kim wants to build a beauty empire for her son

Singapore — Billionaire heiress Kim Lim recently got candid with 8days.sg in an interview during which she spoke about building a beauty empire for her son, dealing with “Karens” at her clinic and whether she sees herself getting married again. Kim, 29, is the daughter...

Jay Chou reportedly sends his two children to an international school that costs SGD65k a year

Taiwanese singer Jay Chou loves cars, just like fellow pop star JJ Lin and the former definitely has the money to fund his passion. A Taiwanese media outlet spotted the 41-year-old last week arriving at a basketball game in a new car, an iron-grey...

Taiwanese star now a director of construction firm

Taiwanese star Jimmy Lin is definitely a jack of all trades and the star has just added a new feather to his cap. The 45-year-old former 90’s pop idol just became the director of construction firm Pauian Architecture. Lin’s younger brother, Lin Zhixin is also...

Lady Gaga wins big at socially distanced — and socially aware — VMAs

by Maggy DONALDSON Lady Gaga cleaned up at MTV's Video Music Awards Sunday, an unorthodox show that paid socially distanced homage to New York City as themes of voting and racial justice punctuated the night. The 2020 VMAs -- a show known more for ostentatious performances,...