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Netizens made scarfs and blankets based on weather of 2020. Check out their impressive artwork

India, Jan. 3 -- If you've been on Twitter recently, then you may have seen the hashtags #TemperatureBlanket and #TemperatureScarf trending on the micro-blogging platform. If you're a knitting enthusiast, then you probably already know what these terms mean. In fact, you may have...

This jaguar couple’s 2020 ‘love story’ is purrfect. Watch swoon-worthy clip

India, Dec. 30 -- Some say that love can bloom even in the hardest of times. If you're someone who believes in that notion, then here is a video that you must watch. The clip, which tells the tale of two jaguars who fell...

Video of cat and dog ‘cuddle buddies’ may make you crave for a hug too

India, Dec. 24 -- If you are looking for a cute video that will leave you smiling, then here's a clip showcasing Internet's two favourite animals, cats and dogs. This video shows a cute cuddle session between a huge dog and a tiny kitten....

This kitten has been named Potter for the perfect reason. He’s magical

India, Oct. 16 -- Are you a fan of Harry Potter? If you are, you'll love this share about a kitten who has been named Potter. Even if you're not, just the face of this little fur baby will win your heart. In a post...

US presidents’ health through the years: secrets, lies, tweets

by Catherine TRIOMPHE How healthy is Donald Trump, really? Contradictory and incomplete information from officials since the president contracted coronavirus confirms that the health of the White House incumbent is a well-kept secret. Analysts also say Trump has displayed a savvy use of digital tools to...

Pictures of puma with a colourful ball will leave you with a huge smile

India, Oct. 2 -- "Aww! It's so adorable," this is what you may be inclined to say about a set of images showcasing a puma with a colourful ball. The post has all the three ingredients which make a share delightful - cuteness, cuteness,...

President Trump’s son Eric ordered to testify in fraud probe

A New York judge on Wednesday ordered Eric Trump, the president’s son most involved with running the family business, to be deposed by October 7 as part of an investigation over charges that the organization improperly inflated the value of real estate assets. Letitia James,...

Canadian woman charged over ricin letter sent to Trump

A Canadian woman accused of sending a ricin poison-laced letter to Donald Trump was formally charged on Tuesday with threatening the President of the United States. Pascale Ferrier, a 53-year-old from Quebec, made a brief appearance in a federal court in Buffalo, New York after...

Malaysian cat Nana visits former owner’s grave every morning for two years now

PETALING JAYA - Many know the story of Japanese dog Hachiko that waited for its owner at the train station for nine years even after his death. Closer to home, a cat in Kelantan, Nana, has visited its owner's grave everyday for two years now,...

Spotted: Cat in a backpack!

After a netizen recently shared a photo of a cat spotted inside a pedestrian's bag, other online users flocked to the comments section of the uploaded photo to say that such a thing is actually not uncommon. Though most people aren't fazed by seeing a...