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Serial killer targeted strangers for fun. His family called him ‘Psycho Razi’: Cops

India, Dec. 5 -- His family back in Bihar, by his own admission, called him "Psycho Razi", 22-year-old Mohammad Razi told the Gurugram police after his arrest, but it was the desire to make something of himself, to show the world that he could...

‘Horror on street’: UP man cuts off wife’s head, walks with it to police station

India -- A man cut off the head of his wife and walked for around two kilometres, carrying it along with the axe he used to behead her, to Baberu police station in Banda on Thursday morning, leaving the passers-by in shock and disbelief. Incensed...

Trump defies Covid, polls — but Biden keeps gaining

by Sebastian Smith with Brendan Smialowski in Gettysburg President Donald Trump defied the Covid-19 virus, disastrous opinion polls and new economic turmoil Tuesday in a stormy return from hospitalization, while surging challenger Joe Biden appealed for Americans to unite against the “forces of darkness.” There have...

The Covid-19 spike accountability game

Kuala Lampur, Oct. 7 -- The recent Covid-19 spikes shouldn't have surprised anyone closely following the upturn in cases. What should be present right now is accountability, but of course, it is gone along with many Malaysians' patience. It is disgusting to blame the uptick on...

Hyun Bin’s label celebrates his birthday with adorable throwback photos

South Korean actor Hyun Bin celebrated his 38th birthday on September 25, 2020, and in conjunction with this memorable day, his agency treated fans by uploading two adorable throwback photos that showed how fashionable he was as a kid. Hyun Bin is one of the...

Crisscrossing US, Trump mocks Biden for ‘staying in again’

by Jerome CARTILLIER, with Sebastian SMITH in Washington With just 39 days until the US election, President Donald Trump ramped up his campaigning with back-to-back events Friday in battleground states — a frenetic pace in contrast with the more sedate approach of Democratic rival Joe...

FinCEN leak: Billions of dollars in questionable transactions moved through Singapore

Singapore—The FinCEN Files investigation was published on September 20 (Sunday) based on “suspicious activity reports” showing that criminals moved around two trillion dollars (US) in ‘dirty money’ all over the world in some of the largest banks, including Singapore. The FinCEN files include over 2,500...

HSBC in social media blackout amidst leaked reports of illicit activity

London — HSBC Holdings has advised its staff to refrain from posting anything on the corporation’s social media accounts amidst ongoing controversy after leaked documents were released about the bank’s alleged involvement in the transferring of illicit funds. In a report published by straitstimes.com/global, the...

Unveiling: Malaysian activist fights for hijab freedom

by Choo Ching Yee Harassed and placed under investigation by religious authorities — activist Maryam Lee is a highly controversial figure in Malaysia. Her crime? Speaking out about her decision to stop wearing the hijab and criticising what she sees as institutional patriarchy in Islam. Most in...

Malaysia: A powerful message emerges in Sabah, of unity & inclusiveness

The biggest and most intrusive event unfolding in Malaysia currently is the Sabah election. It is scheduled for September 26. One would hesitate to call it a state election because its reach and reverberations portend and possibly herald something greater, extending easily to every...