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Texas company sparks cultural appropriation row by selling ‘modern’ mahjong sets for RM1,700

PETALING JAYA, Jan. 6 -- A Texas-based company named The Mahjong Line has sparked a cultural appropriation row on social media with their "modern" mahjong sets. Photos of the brand's products, consisting of mahjong tiles with redesigned symbols including geometric shapes, flora and fauna, and...

The Bavarian town where US troops are life and soul

by Isabelle LE PAGE When the United States said it would be withdrawing troops from Germany earlier this year, shockwaves rippled through the country -- but nowhere more than in the Bavarian town of Grafenwoehr. For the town located on the edge of the most important...

Singapore ‘hawker’ culture gains UN recognition

Once seen as lowly members of Singaporean society, cooks in the city-state's bustling "hawker" centres are rejoicing this week after the United Nations recognised their food as a cultural treasure. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on Wednesday approved the country's bid...