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US election fund-raising: Indian Americans among ‘bundlers’ for Biden

India, Nov. 1 -- There are at least 21 Indian Americans among top fund-raisers for Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee for president, according to a list released by his campaign on Saturday. These elite fund-raisers - called "bundlers" in American electoral politics - each collected...

Mikes to be muted in US presidential debate to stop interruptions

The US Commission on Presidential Debates announced Monday they will mute the microphones of President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden when they are not answering questions during their final showdown, to avoid the interruptions that disrupted their last debate. Each candidate will...

Biden leads Trump, but can polls be trusted this year?

by Francesco Fontemaggi Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential election four years ago brought into question as never before the reliability of opinion polls. Can they be believed this time around? – What do the polls say? -With 16 days to go before the November...

There are shy Trump voters but Biden has a big lead

A year ago, President Donald Trump was not trailing with a big margin against his opponents. But now, less than a month before the elections, Joe Biden has a massive lead over Trump. However, some observers are saying it is hard to...

Claiming Covid-19 immunity, Trump hits the election trail again

by Jerome CARTILLIER US President Donald Trump will launch a campaign marathon Monday, holding rallies in three key swing states over the next few days as his White House race against surging rival Joe Biden enters its critical final weeks. The Republican leader will hold a...

Fact Check: The US vice presidential debate

by W.G. Dunlop and Arthur MacMillan Mike Pence and Kamala Harris went head to head in the US vice presidential debate on Wednesday, sparring over issues including the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus, taxes and health care. AFP breaks down some of the main topics...

Harris assails Trump virus ‘failure’ in newly civil election debate

by Eric Baradat, with Shaun Tandon and Michael Mathes in Washington Democratic vice presidential hopeful Kamala Harris on Wednesday called Donald Trump’s Covid-19 response a historic failure that disqualified him from a second term, in a pointed but mostly civil debate with Mike Pence who...

Politics and the feared ‘other’

Kuala Lampur -- You see this in populist slash nationalist doctrines which target foreign elements. You see it in Chinese discourse on the USA and vice-versa. You see it in extremist MAGA components which uphold white supremacy, and Antifa sloganeering. You see it in religious fundamentalism...

Election 2020: Could Trump reject the results?

by Paul HANDLEY US President Donald Trump sparked a furor suggesting he might not accept the results of the November 3 election if he loses. His stance drew comparisons with lawless dictators — Belarus and North Korea were mentioned — and raised fears that he could...

Crisscrossing US, Trump mocks Biden for ‘staying in again’

by Jerome CARTILLIER, with Sebastian SMITH in Washington With just 39 days until the US election, President Donald Trump ramped up his campaigning with back-to-back events Friday in battleground states — a frenetic pace in contrast with the more sedate approach of Democratic rival Joe...