Woman recreates famous artworks with her dog. They are ‘woofderful’

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Dad pretends to get vaccinated to diminish daughter’s fear. Wholesome video may melt your heart

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Woman gifts this to specially-abled sister, her reaction is beyond wholesome. Watch

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Derpy doggo does funny faces when it gets ignored, netizens can’t stop laughing

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Video of cat and dog ‘cuddle buddies’ may make you crave for a hug too

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Video shows chunk of ice breaking in a pleasing manner. Seen it yet?

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This kitten has been named Potter for the perfect reason. He’s magical

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Uncle Roger loves Gordon Ramsay’s egg fried rice & netizens call for a collaboration

“Uncle Roger,” the creation of Malaysian comic Nigel Ng, made waves last July for a video of his horrified response to a British chef making egg fried rice. The viral video has since garnered around 15 million views and catapulted Mr Ng, who is...

Spotted: Cat in a backpack!

After a netizen recently shared a photo of a cat spotted inside a pedestrian's bag, other online users flocked to the comments section of the uploaded photo to say that such a thing is actually not uncommon. Though most people aren't fazed by seeing a...

Then and now: 1981 photo of a packed Changi airport resurfaces

After a 1981 photograph of a packed Changi airport was shared on the online news forum, Reddit, netizens came together to reminisce and compare the drastic difference between 1981 and the present, when most countries around the world have had to close their borders...