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Trump will be gone, but trauma of 2020 may haunt Biden

by Sebastian Smith Covid and a traumatic presidential election left the US reeling in 2020, but even with Donald Trump gone and Joe Biden promising to heal the nation there'll be no quick return to normal in 2021. For many in the world's richest country, 2020...

Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch sold for knockdown price

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 25 -- Michael Jackson's famed Neverland Ranch in California has finally sold, more than 10 years after the death of the pop star who abandoned the property following his trial on charges of molesting a young boy there. Billionaire investor Ron Burkle,...

Antibody clues in animal trials raise vaccine hopes

India, Dec. 6 -- Sufficient quantities of antibodies and T cell response are able to stop macaques from being infected by the Sars-Cov-2, a comparative animal trial to study thresholds of immune response and its effects has found, offering clues that predict vaccines are...

Vaccine a good start to containing Covid-19, but no ‘silver bullet’, say healthcare experts

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov. 30 -- The government's announcement that it had successfully secured 12.8 million doses of Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19's vaccine and a spot in the Covax Facility is definitely a good start in efforts to get back to normal life, healthcare experts said. They cautioned,...

43% of children have antibodies for Covid-19: Study

India, Nov. 17 -- Children have a distinct immune response to the novel coronavirus disease (Covid-19) compared to adults, a new research has found. The study was part of a research to understand the ravaging effects of the Covid-19. The Experts discovered that children's...

Covid-19: Bharat Biotech begins Phase 3 trials of Covaxin in India

India, Nov. 17 -- Bharat Biotech on Monday said it has begun the phase 3 clinical trials of its coronavirus disease (Covid-19) vaccine candidate, Covaxin, in India, with 26,000 participants across 22 sites in the country. The trial will be conducted in partnership with the...

Arthritis drug can reduce mortality rate in Covid-19 patients by 71%: Study

India, Nov. 15 -- With almost a year since the coronavirus (Covid-19) disease was declared a pandemic, the viral disease continues to wreak havoc across the world. There is still very less we know about the disease and the researchers are working day and...

What is WHO’s Vaccine Insurance Scheme? All you need to know

India, Oct. 30 -- The World Health Organisation is setting up a fund which will compensate people in poor nations in case they suffer any side-effect from Covid-19 vaccines, which are still under trial. Does this mean that such a possibility can't be ruled...

Well… the voters are to blame

Kuala Lampur -  A deputy minister blames voters for the current political debacle and agitates urban Malaysia. A barrage of social media comments and commentaries ensue. One dude in a WhatsApp group full of professionals declares "time to vote out such politicians." As if he just...

Translation tools, air purifiers: face masks go high-tech

by Catherine Lai / with Harumi Ozawa in Tokyo From monitoring vital signs to filtering filthy air and even translating speech into other languages, the coronavirus-fuelled boom in mask-wearing has spawned an unusual range of high-tech face coverings. As masks become the norm worldwide, tech companies...