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Trump allies take Pennsylvania vote complaint to US Supreme Court

Washington, United States | AFP | Friday 12/4/2020 Allies of President Donald Trump sought an emergency order Thursday from the US Supreme Court blocking the certification of election results in Pennsylvania, a key state won by President-elect Joe Biden. The move follows the Pennsylvania state supreme...

Michael Moore predicts doomsday virus scenario that may wipe out Trump supporters

Accusing President Donald Trump’s supporters of spreading the COVID-19 virus across America, filmmaker-activist Michael Moore predicts a doomsday scenario that may wipe them out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p586ULdGgdo&feature=emb_logo In a video, an agitated Moore attempts to speak directly to Trump supporters, but he ended up delivering a spanking message...

Pic of Donald Trump sitting behind ‘tiny’ desk leaves people with thoughts

India, Nov. 28 -- President Donald Trump's Thanksgiving press conference created chatter among people. Among the many reasons was one involving a desk. During the conference, the president sat at a desk which was much smaller than his usual desk. As the pictures from...

Joe Biden poised to name cabinet

India, Nov. 22 -- US President-elect Joe Biden is moving quickly to fill out his administration and could name top leaders for his cabinet as early as next week as President Donald Trump's attempts to question the election outcome continue to fail. Biden has already...

Donald Trump and the Rule of Law

By William Cooper Donald Trump has spent his adult life chasing real estate deals, younger women and television cameras. He has not been sitting in a law library pondering the nuances of America's constitutional order. When it comes to the rule of law, he simply does not know the rules. Take his assertion that his...

PM Modi speaks to Joe Biden, Kamala Harris; discusses Covid-19 pandemic, climate change

India, Nov. 17 -- Prime Minister Narendra Modi on late Tuesday night wished United States President-elect Joe Biden and congratulated him on his victory in the recently concluded Presidential polls, underlining increased focus on Indo-US ties. "Spoke to US President-elect @JoeBiden on phone to congratulate...

Ron Klain: Biden’s pick for White House Chief of Staff who served as ‘Ebola Czar’

India, Nov. 12 -- US President-elect Joe Biden has named Ron Klain as White House Chief of Staff amid reluctance from President Donald Trump to concede defeat after the recently concluded elections. As the coronavirus pandemic remains a major challenge for Biden, Klain's appointment...

‘You chose hope, decency, science and truth. You chose Joe Biden’: Vice president-elect Harris

India, Nov. 8 -- Supporters of President elect Joe Biden and vice-president elect Kamala Harris have gathered at Wilmington in Delaware to celebrate their win against US President Donald Trump. The president-elect Joe Biden was greeted with loud cheers as he took the stage. He...

US Election 2020: Jill Biden’s ‘You Are Fired’ video goes viral, people turn her words into hashtag

India, Nov. 7 -- As counting of votes for US Election 2020 continues, people from all over the world are taking to Twitter to share various posts. Amid that, a video by Dr Jill Biden, wife of Democratic US presidential nominee Joe Biden, has...

US election fund-raising: Indian Americans among ‘bundlers’ for Biden

India, Nov. 1 -- There are at least 21 Indian Americans among top fund-raisers for Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee for president, according to a list released by his campaign on Saturday. These elite fund-raisers - called "bundlers" in American electoral politics - each collected...