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Tori Spelling: Mum wants to find her a home but she refuses help

Tori Spelling remains in the spotlight due to the uncertainty surrounding her and her children’s living situation after her husband, Dean McDermott, announced their divorce in a now-deleted Instagram post earlier this year.

A new report from Page Six reveals that Candy Spelling, Tori Spelling’s mother, who had faced criticism for seemingly not offering help, did make efforts to assist her daughter.

Photo: Instagram/Tori Spelling

After news broke that Tori Spelling was living in a cheap motel, Candy Spelling spent hours on the phone trying to find a suitable house for her. However, Tori Spelling declined to move because she had a specific place in mind where she wanted to live.

Tough situation for Spelling

Currently, the reality TV star and her five children, aged 6 to 17, are said to be living in an RV in Los Angeles. The situation is described as complicated, with Tori Spelling reportedly refusing to communicate with anyone on the phone and attempting to paint Candy Spelling as the antagonist in the situation.

Media reports have indicated a long-standing feud between Tori Spelling and her mother since the passing of Aaron Spelling. However, in 2022, they were seen together for the first time in five years.

Glamourous life

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Tori Spelling grew up in a world of glamour and wealth as the daughter of Hollywood producer Aaron Spelling and author Candy Spelling. She has a brother, Randy Spelling. Throughout her life, Tori Spelling has faced numerous Hollywood scandals, including cheating on her first husband, Charlie Shanian, on the night she met Dean McDermott in 2005.

After her divorce was finalized in 2006, the couple got married and have five children together: Liam, Finn, Beau, Stella, and Hattie.

Financial problems

The reality TV personality freely revealed her financial struggles in her 2014 book “Spelling It Like It Is,” which appear to have escalated significantly this year.

Tori Spelling gained fame in 1990 when she landed the role of Donna Martin on “Beverly Hills, 90210” and portrayed the character throughout the show’s entire run. As of 2023, she only has one credit on IMDb, a short drama film called “Rapscallion Romance,” directed by Kate Marshall.

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