Toy Story 2’s sexual harassment scene in bloopers deleted by Disney

The second instalment of the franchise, Toy Story 2‘s end credits, saw a controversial joke cut out by Disney.

New versions of “Toy Story 2” had a blooper that referenced “casting couch”, a term for predatory men in the entertainment industry offering career opportunities in exchange for sexual favours.

Disney quietly removed the blooper from the popular sequel.

Last month’s views pointed out the deletion on the site ReRelease News and online forums.

It was reported that the scene isn’t on the latest Blu-ray version of the 1999 animated film or digital downloads.

Disney did not respond to a request for comment.

In the blooper during the movie’s end credits, Stinky Pete the Prospector is seen sexually harassing two Barbie dolls.

Voiced by Kelsey Grammer, the character offers the Barbie dolls a role in “Toy Story 3” in exchange for sexual favours.

In 2017, movie mogul Harvey Weinstein was rumoured to have a “casting couch” too with many actresses and employees accusing him of his predatory behaviour.

The #MeToo movement – a movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault –  had a domino effect as many others came forward about sexual harassment.

Actresses claimed that they were blacklisted by Weinstein and were forced out of the entertainment industry.

John Lasseter, co-founder of Pixar resigned last June due to allegations that he sexually harassed female employees.

Lasseter joined the animation division for Skydance Media months later.

The hire sparked criticism from Time’s Up, an organisation fighting sexual harassment, as well as from women in the animation industry.

Earlier this year, actress Emma Thompson quit a Skydance Animation project in protest.

In a letter to the company later published in the Los Angeles Times, Thompson blasted its executives for enabling Lasseter’s career comeback and hiring a man who “made women at his companies feel undervalued and disrespected for decades.”