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Transgender parent who sexually assaulted 3-year-old daughter sentenced to 18 months prison




A parent who sexually assaulted her young will be serving a sentence in a ’s jail after undergoing a sex change between the time of the and the conviction. The transgender woman, a Canadian from Quebec City, cannot be named to protect the victim’s identity. She was sentenced to 18 months jail time on Oct 29 for sexual assaults carried out when she was still a man.

The woman is the victim’s biological father and she committed the crimes in 2013, when the child was just 3. The 33-year-old perpetrator was separated from the girl’s mother at the time. In the months following the assaults, the biological father underwent a sex change .

The crimes came to light in 2016 when the girl’s mother was reading a sexual with her and the girl said she enjoyed oral sex. The accused quickly admitted the crimes to . The woman had no previous criminal records.

Besides the 18-month jail sentence and a probation period with mandatory therapy, the convict must also be registered as a sex offender for 20 years.

Some Canadians are calling the sentence grossly inadequate. Others have said that the transgender woman should not be incarcerated in a ’s



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