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Trouble in paradise for Jackie Chan’s estranged daughter Etta Ng and partner?

Both Etta Ng and her partner Autumn have removed all their images taken together from their respective accounts giving rise to speculation about a break up




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Rumour has that , love child of Hong Kong action legend and her wife have broken up.

Netizens are speculating about the relationship after Ng, 19, removed all the photos of her and Autumn on Ng’s .

Sin Chew Daily reported that 31-year-old Autumn has removed all images on her Instagram too.

A cryptic image with Ng tagged, “Bye bye I’m on a mission,” on Autumn’s Instagram led to more gossip that the couple are not on good terms.

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Actress and former beauty queen Elaine Ng Yi Lei had an affair with Chan in 1999 which led to the birth of Etta.

Elaine couldn’t come to terms with her daughter’s same-sex marriage to Autumn last November which led her to disown Etta Ng in May.

Autumn is Ng’s tutor which is how they first met.
It has been said that the reason for the break up was financial issues as Ng says that she is homeless. -/TISG


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