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Donald Trump has done it again. In a video which appeared on his Truth Social blog Trump asked his supporters to “take a stand” and “save our country” as he lashed out against the Colorado trial seeking to remove his name from the presidential ballot.

Unfortunately in the midst of trying to garner support, he accidentally labelled his MAGA supporters “tyrants”.

In the video he is captured saying, “Our country is being destroyed by people who have no idea what they’re doing or even worse, they may very well have an idea they may hate our country and they may want to see it destroyed.

This truly is our last chance to save America, and with the 2024 election now less than one year away, this is your chance to take a stand against tyrants that support the one and only movement that can save our country and make America great again. We must win in 2024.”

This latest slip comes after Trump made a bunch of gaffes while campaigning last week. He called the prime minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, the leader of Turkey during an October 23 rally in Derry, New Hampshire.

A MAGA Gaffe

Last month he made a one-hour speech to 1,000 supporters in Las Vegas, Nevada where he said that his legal battles are political and called them ‘proterrortism.’

He also accidentally said Canya for Canada when speaking about trade deals. He said Hungary fronts both Ukraine and Russia when it actually shares a border with Ukraine not Russia.

People on X had a field day with his mistakes.

One user said, “He’s campaigning against himself?”.

“For once I agree with him,” he said.

The Lincoln Project, a centrist political action committee said on X that the former president is ‘falling apart’.

One other commenter also pointed out that although in the video Trump says that the election is less than a year away it’s actually just over a year away.

Well, it just goes to show it’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black in so far as Trump making fun of Biden for his gaffes, it appears he isn’t any better in that department either.

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