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Trump may be silenced with microphone turned off during final debate

Trump's camp is not happy with the new rules, but the commission says is alright with the last minute changes




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U.S. President Donald may find himself virtually speechless during the final with contender Joe Biden.

This is bound to happen after a new rule was adopted by the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD).

The rule says the moderators will silence the of the candidate does not have the floor during the uninterrupted two-minute periods at the start of each segment.

Right-wing portals are screaming is an attempt to silence and humiliate Trump.

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Trump is also going after the moderator Kristen Welker, whom the pro-Trump is saying has established ties to the Democrat Party.

Trump has expressed his opinion of Welker ahead of the debate (see Tweet below).

“But I’ll still play the game,” he added. The people know! How’s Steve Scully doing?”:

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Trump’s camp is not happy with the new rules, but the commission says it is alright with the last minute changes.


They call it another interference in the debate and in the by pro-democrat elements.

On another note, Trump is still trailing in every national poll, but he enjoys a small lead among voters not aligned with either party.

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Data from the University of Michigan’s survey of American consumers show independents, slightly favour a Trump victory.

The University of Michigan survey asks consumers they think will win.

As expected consumers identifying as Democrats predict a win for Democratic nominee Joe Biden and Republicans predict a Trump win. But the independent are slightly in favour of Trump.

“Most are decided by those who are non-aligned with either party,” said Richard Curtin, the survey’s chief economist.

“The views of Independents remained unchanged and nearly equal, giving Trump a slight advantage of 2 or 3 points.”

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