NewsTrump warns of nuclear World War III on social media

Trump warns of nuclear World War III on social media

For his Easter greetings, former President Donald Trump writes World War III on his social media platform. The former President has been going about the potential new war as his political campaign. Furthermore, he claims that Joe Biden is capable of starting this new war. 

According to an Australian news site, Trump’s WWIII post is on the platform Truth Social, a company he owns after his temporary banning from Facebook and Twitter. He warns about the possibility of World War III and implies that it can possibly be a nuclear war. He mentions that other countries could use nuclear weapons and blames his successor, US President Joe Biden. 

Prompting a lot of speculations, it is unclear what Trump means, as it is unclear what Mr. Trump means by his warning. The former president previously warns about the possibility of a global conflict. Moreover, he cites the disastrous consequences of the last World War. World War II claimed at least 70 million lives. 

Twitter users react to Trump’s World War III post 


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There is surprisingly a heavy support for the Republican leader as Twitter users are placing the puzzle pieces together. One user states that war is said to happen under Trump. However, the Ukraine war only began when Biden was in power. The Twitter user adds that during Trump’s time in power, it was the most peaceful time in his 33 years of living. 

Another Twitter user claims that this is a fact, as everything that is going on in the world right now is pointing towards a massive war. However, liberals vehemently disagree with this sentiment claiming that the user should “get off the internet.” 


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An 18-year-old male Twitter user posts a photo of a sad man describing that he might be in the war draft. However, other users state that during a war, the 18-year-olds are going to be one of the last to be in the war. The government will start off with the 24-year-olds and move up to the 30-year-olds. 

Others are thinking that this is a reality, especially if China makes a move on Taiwan. Furthermore, the user asks why is America always placing their nose in the affairs of others. This can potentially be the reason for the third World War as the user states. 

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