Nikki Haley, slavery

Republicans and political commentators ridiculed Nikki Haley for relocating her campaign to South Carolina after her poor showing in the New Hampshire GOP primary, signaling a lack of support. 

Despite a significant loss to Donald Trump, Haley insisted the race was “far from over” and accused Trump of lying about her record. Critics challenged Haley’s conservative claims, pointing out her globalist policies and the fact that a large portion of her New Hampshire voters were not registered Republicans. 

Furthermore, many urged her to drop out, citing her unrealistic path to victory. The move to South Carolina overlooks the upcoming Nevada primary, raising questions about Haley’s campaign strategy and viability as a serious contender.

Nikki Haley backing from Reid Hoffman reportedly stopping 

After this ordeal, it seems that her financial backer has lost confidence with her political campaign. Billionaire Reid Hoffman reportedly won’t contribute additional funds to Nikki Haley’s presidential campaign after her defeats in the New Hampshire and Iowa Republican primaries. 

In addition to this, Hoffman, one of Haley’s early major donors, is among several wealthy contributors stepping back. Three clients, each supporting Haley with up to $100,000, have reportedly withdrawn their financial backing. Despite some fundraisers voicing public support, doubts linger about their ability to raise substantial funds for Haley, given her track record. 

Hoffman, a Democratic supporter, had donated $250,000 to a pro-Haley super PAC last year, emphasizing her potential to defeat Trump in the Republican primary.

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