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Trump to meet North Korea’s Kim in May




A stunning development on the global stage: President Donald has agreed to meet with North leader Kim Jong Un by the month of May.

The announcement paves the way for a massive diplomatic victory for Trump. His administration has had little to show in its first year in office.

The and a delegation met and discussed offers made by the North leader to meet with the American leader.

Trump accepted the invitation on the basis of the denuclearization of North .

Earlier this week, Kim said he was willing to abandon the country’s nuclear programme and to meet up with Trump.

“We look forward to the denuclearization of . In the meantime, all sanctions and maximum pressure must remain,” Sarah announced in a statement.

The stunning announcement came after Kim extended the invitation to Trump.
The North Koreans had chosen to negotiate with Trump through South Korean officials, who met with Trump on Thursday.
Trump would be the first sitting president to meet with his North Korean counterpart.
will be one of the biggest achievements by the Trump administration if happens and a peace deal is ironed.
However, nothing is certain with both Trump’s and Kim’s off-the-cuff reactions seen in the past.


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