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Trump walks out of television interview

Trump went on a rampage since yesterday lashing at public officials, , Hilary and walking away from an interview unhappy with the questions thrown at him




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President Donald walks out of an interview, angry at reporter’s questions.

reports that the president abruptly cut short his interview with CBS News 60 Minutes on Tuesday.

The interview, filmed at the White House, is to air on Sunday as part of the coverage of the U.S. election.

Trump has now threatened to post the interview before is aired on networks.

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Posting on , Trump says,

CNN says Trump is firing off wild, scattershot attacks against an expanding list of perceived political enemies days before the elections.

The network says Trump has gone ballistic against his rivals and a growing list of enemies.

During the interview, Trump targeted Democratic presidential nominee Joe BidenLesley Stahl of “60 Minutes,” and “Crooked Hillary.”

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Sources say he walked out after 45 minutes in the interview and refused to complete a segment with Vice President Mike Pence.

Soon afterwards, he tweeted a gotcha photo of correspondent Stahl not wearing a mask in the White House, says CNN.

Yesterday, Trump attacked his top public health expert Anthony . He calls the health chief “a disaster” claiming “people are tired of hearing and all these idiots” discuss ways to combat the .

On Fauci, Trump says, “Every time he goes on television, there’s always a bomb, but there’s a bigger bomb if you fire him.”

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While attacking Fauci, Trump also publicly mocks Joe for trusting science in the .

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