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Turban saved Sikh American from vicious attack by White supremacists




An American Sikh was viciously attacked by White supremacists while he was placing campaign signs for local Republican candidates along a road in Stanislaus County in California on July 31. The supremacists screamed to the Sikh man, Surjit Malhi, “You’re not welcome here! Go back to your country!” during the attack.

They not only attacked the 50-year-old Sikh man but also vandalized his truck with a message. The authorities in Central California commenting on Malhi’s attack said he was all by himself when two supremacists wearing black hooded sweatshirts appeared and beat him to the ground. Malhi was treated on site and sent to a hospital by ambulance.

user Casey Joyce Musgrave in highlighting the vicious attack on Malhi said: “Just so everyone knows, violent acts of are happening in your area. This is one of my best friend’s dad’s truck that was vandalized after he was badly beaten in the head with a rod. They also threw dirt in his eyes.

Just so everyone knows, violent acts of racism are happening in your area. This is one of my best friend’s dad’s truck…

Posted by Casey Joyce Musgrave on Friday, 3 August 2018

Musgrave added: “He has been here for 35 years and does a lot to help his community. Fortunately he is okay physically due to his turban protecting his head… but everyone be aware of what is going on in our area.”

The County Sheriff’s Department in calling the assault a “heinous” hate said, “this is a random despicable criminal act against a member of the Sikh community.” The department added that there was no relationship between Malhi, that they were aggressively investigating and that they are now searching for the attackers.

Malhi said that he dodged a major because of his turban. The turban is a headgear many Sikhs are required to wear.

Malhi how owns a small trucking , came to the U.S. in 1992 and is now a Green Card holder. “Whoever did this (to me), they are not truly American,” said Malhi.



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