Entertainment Two more women come forward accusing Chris Noth, SATC’s Mr Big, of...

Two more women come forward accusing Chris Noth, SATC’s Mr Big, of sexual misconduct

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The number of women accusing US actor Chris Noth of sexual misconduct has risen to five.

After three women went public with their allegations, another two women have spoken up.

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Allegations against the actor, best known for playing “Mr Big” in 90’s megahit “Sex and the City” (SATC), were first aired in an article in The Hollywood Reporter on Dec 16.

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THR published the stories of two women who spoke of rapes that reportedly occurred in Los Angeles in 2004 and New York in 2015.

Noth described the accusations as “categorically false.”

A day after the THR story, actress Zoe Lister Jones said in an Instagram post that she witnessed Noth being “consistently sexually inappropriate” when she worked in a bar in New York when she was in her twenties, and added that the actor had also behaved inappropriately toward her when they worked together later on.

On Dec 23, Heather Kristin, who was a stand-in for Kristin Davis on the SATC set, updated her essay in The Independent UK, which was published earlier this year and went viral.

In the original essay, she had written about an “alpha male actor” who had pointed to another stand-in and said “I want that one tied up, gagged and brought to my trailer.”

Photo: Heather Kristin

In her updated essay, she identified the “alpha male” as Noth, and wrote that she “flinched” the first time the actor “slid his hand down my back and over my butt.”

“When Mr Big, the character played by Chris Noth, died in the first episode of the SATC reboot And Just Like That, I felt relief. I’m sure the three women who have come forward in the last week with allegations of sexual assault against Noth felt the same. As a former stand-in who worked on Sex and the City for four seasons, I remember his toxic behavior all too vividly,” Ms Kristin wrote.

On the same day, Ms Kristin’s piece was published, another woman, country singer Lisa Gentile, came forward with her own story accusing Noth of sexual assault.

Along with her lawyer, Gloria Allred, Ms Gentile said in a news conference that Noth attacked her in 2002, and also threatened to “ruin” her career.

Noth, whom she met in 1998, offered to bring her home after a night out in New York with friends. Upon reaching her apartment, he asked to come in, telling her he wanted to see where she lived.

After using the restroom, he started kissing her, Ms Gentile said.

“Then he leaned against the kitchen countertop and forcibly pulled me against him. He was slobbering all over me. I quickly became uncomfortable. 

Then he became more aggressive and put both hands on my breasts and began squeezing them very hard over my shirt,” she added.

She resisted his advances, yelling, “No, I don’t want this.”

The singer then went on to say that Noth “became extremely angry and started screaming calling me a ‘tease’ and a ‘bitch,’” and then “stormed out.”

The day after the incident, the actor gave her a call.

“He warned me that if I ever told a soul about what happened the night before that he would ruin my career, that I would never sing again and that he would blacklist me in the business. He hung up on me and I immediately called my mother and father crying,” Ms Gentile alleged.

“I feel that we should have our day in court to seek to hold Mr. Noth accountable for what he did—and also speaking out to ensure the rights of my nieces, my goddaughter and future victims of sexual harassment and assault,” she added. /TISG

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