FashionThe rise of 'ugly beauty' trend challenges conventional makeup norms

The rise of ‘ugly beauty’ trend challenges conventional makeup norms

The world of makeup is undergoing a captivating transformation that challenges traditional notions of beauty. Welcome to the realm of ‘Ugly Beauty’ – a trend so daring and audacious that even Hollywood stars are hopping on board.

The ‘Ugly Beauty’ movement has skyrocketed in popularity, amassing over 13 million views on TikTok alone.

What is ugly beauty makeup?

The concept of ‘ugly’ here is purely subjective, but the crux of it lies in the realm of the unconventional.

Imagine vibrant eye shadows that pop, lips boldly overlined, deliberate smudges of eye makeup, and yes, even intentionally blurred lip shades. This trend is all about making a statement – it’s creative, daring, and effortlessly defies the norm.

Beauty vloggers on TikTok are now doubling as educators, teaching their followers how to embrace features that were once masked. Dark under-eye circles, once concealed with concealers, are now celebrated, adding depth and character to one’s look.

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Even Gigi Hadid, a paragon of conventional beauty herself, has been spotted sporting nearly pitch-black lipstick.

Ugly beauty: More than just a fad

According to psychologist Carly Dober, the ‘ugly beauty’ movement represents more than just a makeup fad; it’s a reflection of young women playfully poking at established beauty standards.

“It tells me that women who are playing around with makeup and exploring different looks are critically analyzing their relationship to makeup and self-expression and how their relationship to makeup can best serve them,” Dober explains.

Dr. Dober highlights that while young women initially revel in playful and extravagant makeup, societal expectations often compel them to conform to conventional attractiveness. However, something has shifted – it’s not the women who are changing, but the world around them.

The ugly beauty trend, while seemingly paradoxical, signifies an empowered choice to shatter the shackles of conventional beauty standards. In a world where the male gaze has long dominated perceptions of beauty, Gen Z is rewriting the narrative.

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Dr. Dober notes, “Gen Z has a lot of capacity and social license to critically evaluate what the male gaze has and has not done for them… and they are asking themselves and each other, ‘is it actually worth it?'”

The answer leans toward the negative.

Ugly beauty isn’t about women striving to appear less attractive; it’s a display of women wielding makeup as a tool for self-expression. It’s a movement that challenges, captivates, and ultimately redefines the very essence of beauty itself.

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